History of the Triple Crown Races

Triple Crown Races

The Triple Crown races are the most prestigious and famous horse races in the world. Different countries have their Triple Crown Cup, which is awarded to the winner of three difficult races in a row. Also, the winner wins successively three jumps, is awarded a title Three Times the Tedding.

The United Kingdom is playing its Triple Crown Cup, the United States has its own Cup. For many professionals, this prize remains only in dreams, as it is extremely difficult to win. The victory in such a complex and prestigious competition is the result of a great deal of work and team consensus: a coach, jockey, horse.

These races are very significant. They are widely covered in the press, television shows are broadcast in races in many countries around the world, and betting in bookmaking offices is simply overflowing.

It is noteworthy that the mares could not win the Triple Crown at any time, so that victories in the Triple Crown are achieved only by stallions. Although in some competitions, in the American Kentucky Derby, for example, the mare received three prizes for the first time.

In the UK for three- year- old mares, special competitions for the Triple Crown Cup are held, in which the conditions for winning are the same – to come first in 3 races, but for the mares the competitions are less complicated: 1000 guinea, Oaks and Saint Ledger. Bubbles have won their Triple Crown 9 times. The last winner was O Sow Sharpe in 1985.

In the event of a victory the horse’s cup is given a title Three Times the Tedding. This title is issued to horses who win 3 consecutive times among a large list of horse races. But the Triple Crown Cup is awarded only to the winner of certain 3 races.

American Triple Crown
In the United States, horse breeding began its development 100 years later than in England. There have been competitions for the American Triple Crown Cup since 1923. For five weeks, from May to the beginning of June, the thoroughbred horse fights for the desirable cup. In order to receive the Triple Crown Cup and the Triple-Winner title in America, you have to win one by one for the other three classic contests: Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes.

English Triple Crown
In the UK, in the home of breeders of thoroughbred breeds, horse racing with three years of horses began to be carried out by the British since 1779. The term Triple Crown for the first time appeared in 1853 in England, when the first winner of all three classic races named “Western Australian” appeared.

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