Horse Racing: Each Way Betting

Horse Racing: Each Way Betting

Each way betting is a very popular game to use when playing on horses. It can also be used for other sports, but horses are the most popular type of sport for each way betting.

Horse racing betting is one of the most popular in Singapore and Malaysia

If you engage in each way betting, it means more precisely that you bet your money on two different games. One of these games is about which horse you think will win the race. The second is instead about what specific placement you think the same horse will get in the race.

When it comes to placement, it is with the majority of gaming companies place 1-5 that you usually bet on.

The bets you place should be equal for the two different games. When you place a bet on each way betting, in other words, it means that it is doubled. Half the total sum then goes to the so-called winning part.

The other half goes to the placement part. The idea behind each way betting is that by betting money on two different events, you give yourself a chance to join plus even if the horse you bet on would not win the race.

In other words, you provide yourself with a type of insurance when you place a bet. For this to work, however, it is required that your two efforts are equal. Otherwise, each way betting does not fulfill its purpose.

Each Way Betting Step by Step

When placing a bet in the form of each way betting, the following steps apply both ways”

  • First and foremost, you need to decide what amount you want to invest in total.
  • Then you bet on which horse you think will win the race. This type of game is known in gaming circles as a “win bet”.
  • After you bet on which horse you think will win a race, you place a so-called “place bet”. A place bet means that you bet on a specific placement for the same horse. Exactly which placements you can bet on is, as we said, something that varies from case to case depending on which gaming company you play for. The most common, however, is that it is about one of the placements 1-5.

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