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Australian Horse Racing

In Australia, horse sports have been loved and appreciated since ancient times. In 1861, the first jumps to the Melbourne Cup were held. Since then, they have become a significant event in the life of the Australians. In the past, only Australian horses and athletes took part in them.

But since 1990 competitions have started to feature participants from other countries: England, New Zealand, Ireland, Asian countries. Australian stables have a great deal of experience in breeding elite top horses. Their pets perform in races all over the world. But at the Australian horse racing, players and tourists from all over the world are going.

Horse racing in Australia:
Australian Spring Carnival (Australian Spring Carnival)
Spring in the southern hemisphere corresponds to the autumn months of the northern part of the globe. From mid-September to mid-November, the Australian Spring Carnival is held, which lasts for 3 consecutive months. This celebration is an event of worldwide scale. In the south of Victoria, the festival spreads across the coast, capturing Camperdown, Caulfield, Manangatang, and Moonee Valley. Spring Festival Horizons: Melbourne Cup, Coldfield Cup and Cox Plate.

Caulfield Cup
Races for the Cup of Coldfield are the first event of spring races. They have begun their existence since 1879, and today they are one of the richest world handicapping. The length of the racetrack is 2,400 meters.

Cox Plate
They also have a long history. The first races date back to 1922. This is the largest race with the condition that a certain weight category should correspond to the age of the horse. The prize fund of races is the third in the sum of all races.

Melbourne Cup
The Melbourne Cup races are the most celebrated and major event of the Australian Spring Carnival. They take place in Victoria from September to November and gather crowds of spectators. The Flemington Racecourse races: Derby Day, Oaks Day and the Melbourne Cup.

On the first day of the races on the Melbourne Cup there is a bright noisy and numerous carnival. There are official banquets and entertainment events. Ladies show original dresses and miracles of hat fashion.

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