Horse Racing News: Types of Track Coatings for Horse Racing

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The main structure of any racetrack is the racetrack. Its main function is to create the best conditions for high horse racing results, as well as to minimize falls and injuries.

For training and testing, trotters will equip dirt paths, tar or cinder tracks, or sprinkle the surface with stone powder. Soil tamped to be smoother. Race horses compete mainly on the grass track. The most common are three types of track covering including turf surface.

When choosing a bet, it is necessary to take into account the types of coverage, because grass and dirt tracks, unlike all-weather coatings, change their properties in rainy and wet weather. This may affect the results of the race. A star racer, accustomed to ideal conditions on a dry surface, may not even be among the top three on a wet track.

The surface of the walkway must be strong enough not to collapse from hooves. The harder the track surface, the higher the speed of the horse. Before you make a bet, look first at the statistics section, where coverage is indicated, and the condition of the track on which this horse performed.

Types of turf
Turf Firm – a track with a dry surface perfectly adapted for high speed. This is the quickest and best grass track cover.

Turf Good is a good quick coating that absorbs some moisture. It remains stable and does not affect the speed of the horse.

Turf Soft Рsoft coating with plenty of water. The horse’s hooves are strongly bogged down in the thick of the grass, which is bad for its speed. Such coverage is considered very slow.

Turf Yielding – covering the track with plenty of water. Hooves get stuck in the soft grass and loosen it. This cover is slow.

Turf Heavy – Track coating is so wet that it is often flooded. Practically is a quagmire. This track is the hardest and slowest of all states of grass tracks. By the end of the race, the track is similar to both a swamp and a vegetable garden at the same time.

Turf Hard – Track surface is too hard, solid. Appears in the long and arid heat, this track is considered slow and heavy.

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