How Long Is a Horse Racing Furlong in Miles?

How Long Is a Horse Racing Furlong in Miles?

Betting on horse racing is not just betting the money on any horse and then watching how it ends. You can view the complete history of each horse through the so-called forums. This is complete with the form in the last matches up to the name and date of birth. This way you can make a very good estimate of the winning chances that the horse has to offer you.

Betting on horse racing is so interesting and fun

You may even have more influence on betting on horse races than on betting money on football matches. These facts are what makes betting on horse competitions so interesting and fun. Many people, once they have a taste of equestrian sports, are completely absorbed in it.

Horse racing comes in as many types as there are races, the variation is enormous. Horse racing is originally an English sport, this means that the distances are usually indicated in English measures. So you can see that most races are 5, 6, 7 or 8 furlongs long.

A furlong is about 1 / 8th English mile. These furlongs are the so-called sprint races. Because the distances are usually very short distances, many races can be held, this in turn ensures a very good turnover for a horse racing track. There are not only short sprint races, there are also the longer races.

However, these are not as common as the sprint races. The Chase and Hurdle races are often much longer, these races can be up to 4 miles or even longer. However, you will not often encounter the Chase and Hurdle races.

In addition to classifying the distances, the horse races are also divided into different classes. This ensures that the horses always compete against opponents of a similar level. This in turn ensures that the winner for a race is almost never certain. The horses that run in the highest class can of course win the highest amount of prize money.

Very rarely will you encounter a race that has entry requirements. A requirement for these races can be, for example, that the horses must be 2 years or older, or a requirement that only horses who have never won a race can participate.

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