How to Bet on Greyhounds

How to Bet on Greyhounds

Greyhound racing is a very popular form of entertainment across the globe. Like horse racing, many people enjoy watching greyhounds live. And there are even those who raise dogs to race.

Betting on greyhound racing is quite simple. Especially if you’ve bet on horses. There is not much variety of markets, however. In most of the houses we find 2 main ones:

1. Fixed Victory: betting on the winner of the race.

2 Fixed Seat: bet that the greyhound will be on the podium.

There is no single way or tactic to always win. However, we brought some tips that can facilitate the process.

1. Choose Internal Traps in Rain Races

Traps are the positions / lines where each greyhound starts the race. The amount depends on the number of competitors.

Internal traps, according to the data, make it easier for greyhounds to run well in the rain.

Therefore, analysing the weather forecast is essential. Knowing whether it’s going to rain or not, you can decide which trap to bet on data.

2. Assess the Greyhound Age

Young dogs can perform spectacularly and above average. They are explosive and give everything you have in the races.

The more experienced ones, on the other hand, tend to be more consistent and know how to better dose their energy to obtain maximum performance throughout the dispute.

3. Choose the Dog by Sex

Male dogs perform more reliably than female dogs for short and medium distance runs. Female greyhounds tend to be good runners on long tracks. However, they suffer from the problem of being in heat frequently.

The rules require that bitches in heat be removed immediately from the races. And they must stay away for up to 21 days.

Despite all the controversy surrounding the use of animals, it is an old, serious and regulated sport. So bet with peace of mind.

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