Online Horse Betting Guide

Online Horse Betting Guide

Horse racing is considered by many to be one of the greatest sports in the world, where we have several million people in all different types of countries who sit down to take part in the experience that horse racing entails. One of these countries is undeniably Malaysia, where the sport is very big and draws millions of fans to every event – both on location and on television.

Citibet offers online horse racing betting to its bettors

People have been investing in horse racing since the beginning of time. Investing in the results of formal horse racing can be fun and profitable, this if you know what you are doing and can beat the odds.

Betting on horse racing for beginners offers lots of information to help you improve your odds, including advice on what to pay attention to. What tools can help you on the track and the different tricks to be able to bet correctly. What types of bets you can place your bets on and your odds of winning.

Investing in horse racing is not very complicated. Usually you place your bet, take your ticket and tear it down when your bet does not pay off. But if you are lucky, or are skilled – you take back your ticket to the booth where you bet your money; and collect your winnings. Below we go through the betting procedure, step by step:

  • Register at Citibet horse racing site.
  • Enter the name of the track.
  • Enter the race you are playing in.
  • Enter the amount of cash in your bet.
  • Specify the type of bet.
  • You can bet on one or more horses to win.
  • Enter the number of the horse or horses you have invested money in.
  • Check your ticket before leaving the betting cashier.

Citibet is the most popular as the go-to for horse racing live streaming. However, it also offers online horse betting.

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