The Most Popular Horse Race Betting Options

Horse Race Betting Options

Horse betting has a long tradition. The racetrack was even the first place where the odds system was ever used. So you enter a world in which the love for betting and the love for equestrian sports go together effortlessly.

When it comes to betting on horse races, only one horse betting options is really important on the racetrack: the Win bet. The advantage of this bet is that you only have to focus on the strongest combinations.

Often there are a few jockeys and their horses that are eligible for the win, but a few fall off in advance. So there is a real chance that you will select the right winner. That makes Win bet ideal for beginners. It is even possible to further increase your chances of winning.

In that case, you exchange Win for Place bet, with this bet you again designate one horse. You win if it crosses the finish line first, second or third. You spread your chances so that the risk immediately decreases although you can see that in the lower odds.

Do you want to challenge yourself a bit more? Then there are many more horse racing betting options to choose from. For example, Quinella and Exacta are very interesting for anyone who calls themselves an expert on equestrian sports.

At Quinella your horses must finish first and second in either order; a normal play is to box three horses. Meanwhile at Exacta your horses must finish first and second in exact order; riskier bet that can pay a little or a lot, depending on the horses’ odds.

If you are willing not to take the risk then try Trifecata, it is a nice betting option. Your horses must finish first, second, and third in exact order; can be expensive to play if you use a lot of horses.

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