Virtual Horse Racing Betting

Horse Racing Betting

Virtual horse racing betting is the most realistic 3D horse racing game on smartphone. It’s easy, exciting, fun, and highly addictive. Challenge yourself and see how much you can win at an online casino.

You can bet on horse racing all day long in an online casino every day of the week. You can see a horse racing and you can bet on different racing before the start of the race.

Here in virtual horse racing betting, a so-called ‘race day’ lasts 35 minutes and contains nine races that are held on the same track. So you can bet nine times within 35 minutes if you want. If you follow both channels, you can even bet 18 times. In addition, a new race day starts automatically when the current one has ended.

So you can say that virtual betting on horses gives you a lot of opportunities to win money. Moreover, you can actually watch the races, because through animations you can see every race. Every race is exciting thanks to the clever combination of artificial intelligence and independent random number generators (RNG) by the game’s creators.

As mentioned, betting can be done up to 10 seconds before the start of a race. You can then bet on different things. Of course you can do horse betting by selecting the winning horse. You can also choose to predict the top two. You can also bet on a horse that you think will finish in the top three.

The last option is to bet on three horses that will be in the top three. Of course you can also combine these bets for a chance to win even higher amounts. Because the virtual races go on all day long, you can enjoy them for a long time and you often have the chance to win nice amounts.

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