What is Ante-Post Betting?

Ante-Post Betting

In horse racing there are many types of bets. Some of them take a few days before the competition, some on the day of races or at the time of the start of the horses. Let’s take a closer look at the bets such as ante-post.

In the ante-post, the bookmakers often write just ante-post. It is possible to determine in advance that the opponent will indeed take part in the jumps and take advantage of the most winning chance. The ante-post market begins to work in a few weeks, and sometimes months, before the jumps.

After the ante-post market, the Today’s Card is being offered, which publishes an updated list of participants, because some horses may be removed from the competition for various reasons.

The list of the renewed composition is available 1 or 2 days before the race, depending on its class. Most often – 48 hours before the start. Market Day the jump begins to work immediately after the publication of the new list, and ante-post closes.

Differences between markets Ante-post and Today’s Card:

  • The horse drawn from the competition, not included in the new list, will be considered in the ante-post as losers. In the Horse Day market they are considered to be canceled.
  • If races due to weather conditions will be postponed the next day, then the ante-post market will be saved, but will be transferred to the Day of Horse Racing market. And the “Horse Day” market is canceled. If the day of the horse race is completely canceled, the ante-post market will be canceled.
  • The administration has the right to suspend the ante-post market at any time for any refinements, and even to stop odd bets.
  • The ante-post market does not play down.
  • At first, the market is hoping Day of Horse Racing, and only then – the market ante-post.

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