Why Is Horse Racing Considered an Elitist Sport?

Why Is Horse Racing Considered an Elitist Sport?

Many people consider horse racing to be an expensive sport, exclusively for high-income athletes. But what is the reason for this assumption? Is the argument that equestrianism is an elitist sport true?

The reality is that horse riding is a sports discipline that requires a good investment compared to other sports, very convenient to combine sports betting with sportsbook and win with a minimum investment in races. Below are some reasons why horseback riding is considered a sport for wealthy people.

Initial Investment Riding

All sport requires an initial investment, but as performance and competitiveness increase, investment must continue. An initiated rider will not pay the same price as a more experienced rider, used to participating in competitions.

There are several options in the world of horseback riding, those just starting out, those who enjoy the discipline for leisure, those who see the discipline as a form of entertainment to bet on racing at racebook like CITIbet.

Expectations about Hypism

A rider must define what he expects and wants in the world of equestrian sport to get an idea of ​​how to enjoy the horse, taking into account its limitations and economic capacity. People who envision this discipline at a professional level should invest in a training and preparation center.


To participate in competitions, riders must increase expenses, which will depend on the level of the event and the success achieved. As a better performance is achieved, the demands of the discipline increase.

Horseback riding is a magnificent sport that is worth enjoying because it provides pleasant moments and great personal satisfaction. Riders must decide how far they want to go, taking into account their limitations and the available budget.

To conclude, horseback riding is good for health, it is not an elitist sport, nor is it more expensive than other disciplines, we should only enjoy it according to our purposes, means and resources.

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